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Julius Malema Lashes Out At BBC Journalist

This man really, really scares me in a way I can barely explain.  I believe that he is inciting racial tension, hatred and violence and agree with the Democratic Alliance that he is South Africa’s Mugabe. 

Just this weekend he was in Zimbabwe and stated that the South African government would soon start reclaiming white-owned farms.  That went swimmingly well in Zimbabwe with state-of-the-art agricultural equipment being left to rust while crops failed and citizens starved.  He continued to sing his hateful song “Kill The Boer” in Zimbabwe over the weekend.

This Guardian article is quite good and provides a partial transcript of the tirade above:  ANC's Julius Malema lashes out at 'misbehaving' BBC journalist

Malema then erupted, asking for a security guard to eject Fisher and telling him: "If you're not going to behave, you're [sic] going to call security to take you out. This is not a newsroom, this is a revolutionary house and you don't come here with that tendency.

"Don't come here with that white tendency. Not here. You can do it somewhere else. Not here. If you've got a tendency of undermining blacks, even where you work, you are in the wrong place. Here you are in the wrong place."

Fisher responded: "That's rubbish. That's absolute rubbish."

Malema continued: "You can go out. Rubbish is what you have covered in that trouser. That is rubbish. You are a small boy, you can't do anything."

Collecting his dictaphone and walking out, Fisher said: "I didn't come here to be insulted."

Malema bellowed after him: "Go out. Go out. Bastard! Go out. You bloody agent!" -

I will tell you why I care about this and what it means to me.  As divorced as I am from South African because of living in the UK, I feel as if I am watching a massacre or disaster in the making.  I believe that Julius Malema is breeding hatred, fear and intolerance in South Africa and I believe that more South Africans, of all colours, are going to die because of it. 

Life is cheap in South Africa.  South Africa has all the crimes and problems we have in “First World” countries but in South Africa, those crimes often turn lethal because the perpetrators are armed and they do not see their victims as human beings.  Yes, crimes are often committed along racial lines but it is the dehumanisation process that is the most problematic. 

The crime situation was already hurtling out of control in South Africa and I believe that this man, this one man, is doing so much harm and that he is making it harder for South Africans to reconcile and come together as one nation.



  1. I blame the ANC, I blame even Mandela because as much as he is in retirement, if Americans come,he forgets his retirement and greet them with an outstretched hand for money for his NGO's. All it will take is for him to call a press conference in his house to say this is not the ANC that he fought for and distances himself from Malema's outbursts. Zimbabwe started like this ...

  2. The problem with Julius Malema, is that he believes he is untouchable. He is above everyone and is arrogant enough to believe he is right. He will never apologize for any statements he makes, no matter how stupid, as this is a matter of foolish pride by the man.

    What he is saying is annoying everyone, black and white, there are a lot of black people in SA that do not like Mr Malema because he doesn't really care about anyone other than himself. People are getting upset because he is attacking us verbally. Most of us wanted to stay out of it, however it would seem as if Mr Malema actually wants to start a war.

    Living in South Africa, the crime is always a fear in most of our minds. You are correct in stating that we are not seen as human beings, just the other day a distant family member of mine was raped and beaten to death. 70 years old. This is not uncommon. When a white person wants to report a crime, they are raped by the police. How can you possibly say that singing songs that imply it is ok to kill white people does not effect us? You are saying a white person's life is worth less than that of a black person? How are we possibly going to become a "rainbow nation" when racists in key govenment positions continue to act as if they are above the people. That is not democricy. Most of us as White South Africans did not agree with E.T, you can not however blame them for being upset about over 3000 farm murders. Zimbabwe's land reform didn't even reach 3 figures when it came to farm murders. How can we be seperated from places like Zimbabwe when we act like this?

    In my opinion a true leader should lead with good values, and practice them. According to Mr Malema if you are white, you must die. He doesn't care what nationality you are.

    Scary truths, I just wish the rest of the worlds media would investigate this further and portray it in the press. These are only now being spread around the news, as a racist had to be murdered for anyone to stand up and listen to us. They never believed we were miss treated in this country. You say Robert Magabe, but Hitler comes to mind when I see Julius.

  3. If the ANC does not remove Julius Malema, the future of South Africa will be very dark.

  4. Why are we critising Julius , we were not in that house to see the attitude that the journalist showed on him. Even though u can cover the truth you know in your heart that whites people undermines us, that is what they did even when President JZ speaks, so because u are scared of them thats why u dont want Julius to touch them.Good for you if u are supporting the whites. Our hearts are not the same. So leave Julius alone.

  5. At least before you remove him , he would have expressed his feelings about the white domination coz u are covering it and act like it doesnt exist. Anyone who touches it , u critise him.

  6. It's hard to respond to anonymous comments but thank you all for commenting.

    To the last commenter, you must know that when I comment on this it is not a black/white thing. The primary focus of this blog is genocide and I have seen it happen in my lifetime in The Balkans and in Rwanda. I am not criticising Julius Malema because he is black. I am not scared of him because I am white. I am not in the country and am fearful not that he will hurt me but that he will incite the violence and hatred characteristic of mass killings and mass murders. I believe that Malema's actions and the actions of many more hateful people like him result in black and white deaths. I believe that at the end of the day, if a situation erupts in South Africa, the biggest losers will be the most poor, most marginalised, least powerful people in the country. The homeless, those living in shanty towns, the unemployed. In short, my real fear is that this could turn into a full scale humanitarian crisis because that is what happens when rich and powerful politicians incite violence and aggression.

  7. Now this is all bullshit, what does Malema has to do with crime in South Africa, Criminals in south Africa became ones because of the reality of the situation they find themselves in, this situation was caused by over eighty years of white supremacy and Africans being slaves in their own country, White people in South Africa have a problem at least most of them, problem is De cleck removed their arpartheid and now find it hard to live with Africans, have the country run by Africans,You hear them say "all Anc does is destroy the country blah blah blah, the DA is a good party" and all that, but if you look closer the DA is a white party ofwhose following is white, now bzck to Malema, leave the guy alone, I am not His fan and I don't even like him, but I am disgusted by how you media people are treating this guy, because he does not fit the picture your minds have created about politicians

  8. I think every time whites become minority, blacks will do everything to take it all and destroy whites.
    Lets face it a black man will never vote for a white man in a black "democracy"!
    The Utopian dream of having blacks and whites holding hands is just that a "dream" and a very dangerous one!

  9. Look at what is happening to the rand this week - it's going down. Julius Malema is another Idi Amin in the making. I am so sad for everyone in South Africa. This man is bad news.

  10. as far as malema goes, will somebody please put the lid down and flush!

  11. This is Africa - 1st world - will never be...not suppose to be!! Too volitile, 15 odd years down the line and the black/white issue and conflick is still very much alive, my guess is, sort off will always be?

  12. I have made a post on this issue, its quite shocking that a leader in this day and age should talk like that,sheer hatred!

  13. malema is a joke.

  14. Malema is not right in any way shape or form. But we cannot start bashing mzansi like there has not been progress, as if we are not the most financially investor friendly country in Africa, as if the world cup isnt on in 2 months. Yes the crime is bad, but dont sit in your seat in london thinking you can judge in anyway the progress that majority rule has had in mzansi.


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