Friday, 8 January 2010

FXB International

FXB Rwanda
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François-Xavier Bagnoud was a helicopter pilot who was involved in several rescue operations and who dedicated his life to providing assistance to others.  He was only 24 when he died during a mission to Mali in 1986 and his mother set up FXB in his name in 1989.

Their aim is to deliver sustainable results for children affected by poverty and aids.  They do this by advocating for their needs and basic human rights and by providing direct support for the communities and people that care for them.

They invest in families and as you will see from the video below, they provide a three-year training programme to assist caregivers in becoming self-sufficient so that they may care for their children.

The video's above are narrated by Susan Saradon. If you visit her Look To The Stars page, you can see that Susan does a lot of charity work. I think that is fantastic.

FXB support us

If you would like to support FXB, you can click on the image above.  You can make once-off or recurring donations or you can help to publicise their efforts.



  1. Thank you, Emm, for this important piece. It is necessary for more to get involved and to continue to raise awareness of these horrifying issues.

  2. And thank you Cher for your huge support.


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