Sunday, 27 December 2009

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Abolish - Liberate - Emancipate NOW is the simple message behind the blog  Run by Matthew Jack, a Federal Agent in Washington DC, the blog “intends to provide news, discussions and resources on social justice topics such as, Human Trafficking, Sexual Exploitation, Modern Day Slavery, Holocaust Issues and Genocide”.

The blog is frequently updated and is full of relevant news from both America and the international arena.  One of the biggest messages from this blog is that human trafficking is not just something that happens in third world countries, it is alive and well right inside urban, first world America.

This blog is one of those that I have discovered that has immediately made me want to be a better blogger.  It is a truly inspiring blog that makes me realise that I can make a difference and there are people out there in the world who want to make a difference too.  Not only does Matthew give you the news and the lowdown on human trafficking, he tells you exactly how you can make a difference too:

5 Steps to Fight Human Trafficking with a Movie Night

10 Things Teens Can Do To End Human Trafficking

I’d certainly recommend adding to your RSS feed reader today.



  1. I think what you say is true, that we need to become better bloggers to spread knowledge and information in a way that takes up where, I fear, traditional media is going to leave off.

  2. I agree with you Theresa. Judging from what people put into search engines, I think blogs definitely provide the type of news you don't get in traditional news media. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!


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