Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Genocide - Srebrenica (Never Again)

I discovered this video over at the Srebrenica Genocide Blog.

“A highly talented Bosniak hip-hop artist commemorates more than 8,000 victims of the Srebrenica genocide through a song that is both inspiring and emotionally moving. The song you're about to listen is unquestionably one of the best hip hop creations in a long time. Our rating: 10/10. Simply perfect! We're proud of you Jusuf!” - Srebrenica Genocide Blog

I have to agree.  The production in this song is world class and it is definitely on par with other international hip hop acts of today.  It is an emotional song and the video footage is disturbing and horrifying at times.  There are details about the band and how to purchase the album over at Srebrenica Genocide Blog as well as a free, authorised download.

The Srebrenica massacre occurred in July 1995.  8,000 Bosniak men and boys were removed from their homes, murdered and buried in mass graves.  Subsequent to the murder of their husbands, brothers, fathers and children, 25,000 to 30,000 women were forcibly removed from the area and subjected to a campaign of rape and ethnic cleansing.  The International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) unanimously declared the event to be an act of genocide in 2004.



  1. The pictures and the background score is soo..emofying..

    I have never heard of the Srebenica Genocide before :s

    Thank you for sharing Emm. :)

  2. Emm, I don't know how anyone could watch this video without being moved to tears. I agree that it was extremely well-done. That genocide was indeed, "orchestrated death." The line that sent chills through me was, "Can anybody hear the cry from the grave?"

    Thank you for sharing this and for your continued efforts in raising awareness. This video will stay with me a long time.

  3. I am speechless. This is really emotional and powerful.

  4. @ Usha: I must admit, I only heard of it in 2008 when I read "Bone Woman". I would absolutely recommend that book.

    @ Cher: Absolutely. It is an excellent song and video.

    @ Lauren: Thank you for watching it!

  5. Bosnian Muslim leaders had been struggling for several years to persuade the NATO powers to intervene more forcibly on their behalf, and there is strong evidence that they were prepared not only to lie but also to sacrifice their own citizens and soldiers to serve the end of inducing intervention (matters discussed further in Section 2). Bosnian Muslim officials have claimed that their leader, Alija Izetbegovic, told them that Clinton had advised him that U.S. intervention would only occur if the Serbs killed at least 5,000 at Srebrenica. [4] The abandonment of Srebrenica by a military force much larger than that of the attackers, and a retreat that made that larger force vulnerable and caused it to suffer heavy casualties in fighting and vengeance executions, helped produce numbers that would meet the Clinton criterion, by hook or by crook. There is other evidence that the retreat from Srebrenica was not based on any military necessity but was strategic, with the personnel losses incurred considered a necessary sacrifice for a larger purpose.


  7. That's interesting Max. You genocide deniers were also denying that people died at all at Srebrenica until the mass graves were discovered. You tried to convince the community that 8,000 men and boys had just spontaneously decided to move out of town and disappear over night.

    In my book, there is no lower life form than a holocaust or genocide denier. You are lower than the scum of the earth that committed the atrocities in the first place. But I will leave your comment up so that people can see your poison and see that I don't buy it for one minute.


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