Ieng Thirith
AFP/Archives/Heng Sinith

Another former high ranking Khmer Rouge official has been charged with genocide following the charges brought against three former Khmer Rouge officials last week

Reuters reported yesterday that Ieng Thirith has been charged in relation to the slaughter of Cambodia’s ethnic Vietnamese and Cham Muslim minorities during the brutal 1975-1979 Khmer Rouge era.

Ieng Thirith (wife of Ieng Sary who was charged on Thursday with the same offence) was arrested in November 2007 and apart from a brief court appearance in May 2008, she had not been in court since.  She was charged with crimes against humanity and accused of “murder, imprisonment and other inhumane acts” committed during her role as Minister of Social Affairs.  Ieng Thirith was instrumental in organising the massive purges of the Khmer Rouge regime and as she has much blood on her hands, it is ironic that she was also head of the Red Cross Society.

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  1. Some things are beyond understanding. The Cambodian genocide is one of them. Madness, complete and utter madness.

  2. It is ironic that she was also head of the Red Cross Society. At least she has been formally charged. A modicum of justice....

  3. @ Windroot: Hi there! thanks for your comment and yes, I agree. Madness.

    @ Cher: Definitely. This woman was definitely evil.


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