Saturday, 15 December 2012

The 12 Days of Misogyny

It seems that media and advertising agencies worldwide have really gone out of their way this year to contrive the most sexist, misogynistic advertising campaigns. Laura Bates writes for the Independent and explains precisely why it is neither funny nor harmless and above all, why this matters:

"It matters because we are reaching the end of a year in which we have seen what can only be described as a torrent of reports of sexual assaults, paedophilia and abuse going back decades, many of them excused or ignored precisely because of a culture that made light of and normalized such incidents" - The Independent, "FHM, Virgin and Zoo Australia: The 12 Days of Misogyny"

FHM [Photo source: Huff Post UK]

Virgin [Photo source: Telegraph]

Zoo [Photo source: The Independent]


  1. So distressing.

  2. When you've got a population of women who think this is harmless and a population of men who are morons, the liberalisation of government and increased moral decay, this sort of thing will only increase.


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