Saturday, 17 September 2011

Redesign, Guest Posts and Interviews

A Passion to Understand - old layout


I began writing posts for this blog 5 years ago in June 2006.  I moved it over to Blogspot in February 2009 and while I’ve made slight changes here and there, I’ve never really made the time to look at the layout.

Of course, everything has to change sometimes and when better to effect those changes than in autumn?  I’m feeling energised and excited for the next two seasons and I’ve been working on a redesign to complement my plans to dedicate more time to self-study and to this blog. 

Redesigning a blog is not always easy and there is often a period of time where links might not work or features might not function.  Please let me know if you spot anything and I’ll try my best to fix it.  The blog will look completely different when I’ve finished, with a new colour scheme, header and layout but hopefully you’ll still be able to spot some of the old me in there somewhere.

Guest Posts

I’m always on the lookout for guest writers at A Passion to Understand.  If you would like to draw attention to a social or political issue, or would like to write a post of historical significance then please get in touch. 

The perfect type of post would be one that introduces people to an issue and you can link back to posts or information on your own website or blog.  I get a lot of traffic from high school students researching certain issues and seeking further information so an idea would be to write with those students in mind.

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I am also always interested in interviewing people about the work that they do to raise awareness of issues.  In the past, I interviewed Julia Lallla-Maharajh from the Orchid Project about female genital cutting and Kate Malarkey from FXB, a charity that supports communities ravaged by poverty and AIDS.

If you work for a charity or do work to raise awareness of social, political or historical issues, then I would like to interview you.  I’d like to know about the work you do and how we can encourage young people to get involved.

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Book reviews

I do accept books for review on a wide range of topics including genocide, the Holocaust, war, violence and women’s issues.  If you would like me to review a book for you, please get in touch.

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  1. Once in a while, I go through my blog to check for dead links, and to change up the color depending on my mood too. This is why I like blogger best..

    Thanks for visiting, Emm!

  2. @ Icy BC: Hiya! *waves* Goodie, I guess that means the comment function is working on my new blog design. I just need to check whether all my tracking codes from Google Analytics are still working and then I can stop mucking about with it for the day! Thanks for popping by.


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