Tuesday, 3 August 2010

One Day in Africa by Brook Silva-Braga

My friend Usha over at Writing from 中国 posted this video trailer which I thought I’d share here today.  It is a documentary by Brooke Silva-Braga who also did a documentary called A Map For Saturday.

This documentary looks fascinating and here is what it is about:

In Kenyan offices and Malian farms, in Moroccan tea houses and Nigerien huts normal people of various backgrounds go about their day. For them, life in the developing world isn't about desperate squalor or improbable triumph; it's a complex, imperfect existence at odds with the stunning pictures beamed out from African safaris or the sad stories written to spur donations to Western aid groups.

On a single day at the messy juncture of tradition and modernity, six people from different geographic and cultural backgrounds describe six versions of the African story” - One Day In Africa

onedayinafricaYou can visit the official One Day In Africa website to purchase the DVD for $14.99.

You can also take a walk to Nomadic Matt’s website where he posted an interview with Brooke Silva-Braga.  In fact, he interviewed him twice – once for A Map For Saturday and then once for One Day in Africa.



  1. Sounds like an interesting documentary, I'll look out for it thanks.

  2. I saw the clip. It has intrigued me to see the full version. I find the part where the men make the women do all the work in getting water from the well very funny. The man says something to the extent " otherwise the women will sleep all day." Still, many Africans are trying to adapt to a more western lifestyle.An good book about the evolution of humanity and how Africa as a civilization played a part in it, is the book, " Guns, Germs and Steel". I highly recommend it ! Cheers !

  3. @ Ryan: Excellent!

    @ Sabrina: Cool, I shall look up that book on Amazon!


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