Sunday, 6 June 2010

Female Genital Mutilation: The Girls Protection Act

Link: Immigrant girls at risk of genital mutilation during vacation at parent country []

Link: Equality Now Media Advisory June 3 2010 [Equality Now]

Although FGM was banned in the US by federal law in 1996, many girls have remained at risk during visits home to their parent countries.  Now, a significant bipartisan initiative hopes to close this loophole and “would make it a federal crime to transport a minor outside the United States for the purpose of female genital mutilation”.  Democratic congressman for New York Joseph Crowley and Republican congresswoman for California Mary Bono Mack have introduced “The Girls Protection Act” (H.R. 5137) and will hold a press conference at the New York Women’s Foundation tomorrow morning to highlight this new legislative effort to combat the practice of FGM.  They will be joined by representatives from Equality Now and Sanctuary for Families.


  1. This is gross, total reprehensible to all sensibilities. The countries that condone this barbaric acts must be properly taught about the dangers this malpractice pose to women who undergo it. If they still persist in this evil and uncivilized practice, they can be given stiff economic and cultural sanctions. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  2. what's your take on the American pediatric association's recent decision to allow a symbolic cut of the clitoris to discourage parents from taking thier daughters to Somalia to have the more gruesome procedure?

  3. @ Mel: Hi! Thank you for your comment. I see that you really feel strongly about the practice and you are right - sanctions could possibly assist but I am unsure if the UN would do sanctions on this basis.

    @ Jen: Hi Jen. I must apologise but I haven't had a chance to look at your links yet. I'll take a look at them and try formulate a response in the week. Initially, I would say that I am in two minds entirely. On the one hand, there are other medical endorsements of circumcision (for example with men) but on the other hand, it simply perpetuates the practice.

  4. This is such a terribly horrific crime against women. Thank you for bringing the issue to the fore. Let us hope and pray that something positive will happen and that these girls will be protected. You have done a wonderful series here and I applaud your efforts.

  5. Thanks Cher! I hope to round it off this week with an interview with a leading campaigner.


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