Link: Murder hunt after attack on human rights lawyer [Press Association]

A leading human rights lawyer and campaigner in the fight for justice in Sudan has been murdered in London. Abdel-Salam Hussain Abdel-Salam was stabbed in his home and was discovered on Saturday morning.

Link: 'Open mind' over Boone Street leg stab murder [This Is Local London]

The police are keeping an open mind as to the motive as it may simply have been a robbery or mugging gone wrong.  The 56-year-old used two walking sticks to support himself and died as a result of blood loss after he was stabbed in the femoral artery.

Still, it would be pretty scary if it turned out that he was assassinated.

Mr Abdel-Salam worked for Redress, a human rights organisation that assists victims of torture in their healing process and in bringing the perpetrators to justice.  The front page of their website is full of tributes from the people he helped over the years.

Whether or not this was an assassination, the humanitarian community has lost a valued campaigner and activist.


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