Following on from yesterday's post, I wanted to post the video for Louis Theroux's BBC documentary Law and Disorder in Johannesburg. As a South African (or even as an African) I often feel the hackles rise on the back of my neck when foreign journalists try to cover events in Africa or South Africa. This is a really good documentary though and I would say it is a fair representation of what is going on around Johannesburg.

What does this mean for the future of Johannesburg; for the country hosting the 2010 FIFA World Cup? It just means that crime is a problem there and that people are working overtime to make it better. An excellent blog about what they are doing to improve the situation in Johannesburg can be found at Johannesburg Daily Photo.

But for me personally, as a victim of violent crime and one of the one's left behind, I am glad that I live in UK now and I will not go back to live in South Africa until they bring the slaughter under control.

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Mandy Southgate is an accountant living and working in London. She is passionate about world events such as genocide and apartheid and has a desire to understand how these events continue to occur in the modern world. With a focus on the 20th and 21st centuries, A Passion to Understand reflects her continuing research and reading on these topics.
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