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Link: Italian police hit me during questioning, says Amanda Knox on witness stand [timesonline]

Link: Kercher accused 'under pressure' []

I've followed this trial with interest over the past months and today is notable because one of the accused, Amanda Knox, is giving evidence for the first time. It is really quite frustrating because I wish we could just know what happened that night and how Meredith Kercher really died.

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Meredith Kercher was killed on 1 November 2007 in a flat in Perugia, Italy. She was an English student from Surrey, England and she shared the flat with Amanda Knox, an exchange student from Seattle in the States. Amanda Knox and her boyfriend at the time, Italian Raffaele Sollecito are on trial for the murder and a third man, Rudy Guede from Ivory Coast was sentenced in October last year for 30 years for the murder. Meredith was 21 at the time of her murder and she was sexually assaulted, her throat was slit and she had been suffocated. The prosecution have presented it as a sex game gone bad.

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I hope that in time the truth will come out. Mention has been made of Knox's strange behaviour at the time of the murder and how she did cartwheels in the police station. She would have been about 19 then and she was either being silly and immature in the face of losing her friend and finding herself suspected of the crime or she really is unhinged. She also did several other things like posing with a machine gun that could also be construed as either further evidence of her bad judgement or her sociopathic tendencies. Opinions are split naturally and it is no surprise that the Stateside media believes Knox to be innocent while European media is convinced of her guilt (see the NY Times article An Innocent Abroad).

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