Link: A "Silent Genocide" Continues In Rwanda [The Lens]

Photojournalist Phil Carpenter is spending May in Rwanda teaching photojournalism.  His blog The Lens is on the Montreal Gazette news site.  His photography is phenomenal but the story he is reporting is tragic.

Reports are coming through that genocide survivors are being killed if they testify in the ongoing genocide trials or if they are expected to testify.  I don’t know what to say – I’ll be honest and admit that in my naivety, I had no idea such intimidation and persecution was still going on.  I was under the impression that the RPF government had a firm hold on the country and the Tutsis were part of a political majority now and were protected.

To think that these people who went through such pain and suffering are now living in fear of further reprisals…

I would highly recommend reading Phil’s blog The Lens – his photography is superb and his insights are really interesting.

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Mandy Southgate is an accountant living and working in London. She is passionate about world events such as genocide and apartheid and has a desire to understand how these events continue to occur in the modern world. With a focus on the 20th and 21st centuries, A Passion to Understand reflects her continuing research and reading on these topics.
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