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Daithai C has written an excellent and comprehensive post about the history of Tibet and the oppression that the Tibetans have experienced under Chinese rule. Yesterday marked the 50th anniversary of the Tibetan uprising against Chinese forces that resulted in the exile of the Dalai Lama to India. The post includes excerpts from the UN General Assembly following the events in 1959 as well as the International Commission of Jurists 1959 report into whether a genocide had occurred in Tibet.


"His Holiness,The Dalai Lama of Tibet
The Dalai Lama has launched a fierce attack on Chinese rule in his Tibetan homeland, saying his people had experienced "hell on Earth". Five decades of Chinese rule had caused "untold suffering", Tibet's exiled spiritual leader said, accusing Beijing of creating a climate of fear.
He also repeated his demand for Tibet's "legitimate and meaningful autonomy". His words came on the 50th anniversary of a failed uprising against Chinese troops which led to his exile. It is 50 years today that the Tibetans rose up against Chinese rule causing the Dalai Lama to flee his homeland and campaign peacefully for over 50 years for autonomy for Tibet.

With China’s (let us remind ourselves, still a repressive Communist dictatorship with no credible claim to democracy or the rule of law) attempts to rewrite history and continue to tell the “Big Lie” let us remind ourselves what actually happened in 1959 which was nine years after the Chinese Communists invaded Tibet in 1950"

I must admit that until reading this post, I had not known about the International Commission of Jurists' findings. I find this passage taken from their website to be quite chilling:

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"There is prima facie evidence that the Chinese Communists have by acts of genocide attempted to destroy the Tibetan nation and the Buddhist religion in Tibet, the International Commission of Jurists announced in a preliminary report "The Question of Tibet and The Rule of Law" published here today. There is evidence, the report states, that the Chinese have by killing Tibetans and by the forcible removal of Tibetan children committed acts contrary to the Genocide Convention of 1948. There is also evidence that these acts were intentionally directed towards the destruction of the Tibetan religion and the Tibetan nation" -

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