Link: Americans Disapprove of U.N. in Record Numbers [Fox News]

I may be naive but to me, a world without the UN is a very scary world indeed.  Time and again we have these polls where we question why we have the UN if they fail so spectacularly.  The UN is a monstrous bureaucracy that has remained in the sidelines and allowed some of the worst atrocities in written history to occur in the past 20 years.

"The U.N.'s numbers took a similar nosedive in the mid-1990s amid the conclusion of the Bosnia War (which it tried unsuccessfully to stop) and the Rwandan genocide, in which it did not intercede" - Fox News

That is not true in the strictest sense of the word. The fact is that the UN were in Rwanda already and they were not the only body that ignored reports that a bloodbath was brewing.

Link: As genocide raged, general's pleas for help ignored []

This excellent article details what happened at that time. It is no secret that Romeo Dallaire is my hero.

I think any analysis of the UN has to focus on how we are going to make them work and what changes can be made.With people like the Senegalese president denying there is a genocide in Sudan, we need the UN more than ever. We need International Criminal Tribunals and we need a body to look after the human rights of the world. Again, call me naive but I will always go back to the fundamental reason the UN was started back in 1942. Then again, the United Nations was built out of the ashes of the League of Nations because the latter had been unable to prevent World War II.

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Mandy Southgate is an accountant living and working in London. She is passionate about world events such as genocide and apartheid and has a desire to understand how these events continue to occur in the modern world. With a focus on the 20th and 21st centuries, A Passion to Understand reflects her continuing research and reading on these topics.
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  1. wot americans think is right... bcos, when the US is also violating human rights and supporting, genocide by their partners, and by themselves, The UN is a silent spectator to it.. so nothing to wonder..


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