I'm in a certain amount of shock as the thought crosses my mind that the whole Zimbabwean Government of National Unity was simply a ruse to get exiles to return to Zimbabwe so that they could be arrested.  I hope I am wrong.

Link:  New crisis in Zimbabwe as police arrest ministerial nominee Roy Bennett []

Link:  Zimbabwe police arrest MDC party official [Reuters]

Roy Bennett was an exiled farmer who had his farm confiscated from him in 2003.  He was previously jailed for 8 months for punching the justice minister in parliament.  He went into self-imposed exile in South Africa after he was charged with plotting to kill Mugabe.

It looks like they first charged him with trying to leave the country illegally and this charge was changed to treason.  They are denying him food.

The Reuters story reports that the major Mutare, Brian James, has been arrested.  He was negotiating for Bennett's release.

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