Kangaroos are humans too

Link: Australian motorist killed by kangaroo

This makes me really angry. The whole wording of the article, obviously filtered through from the Australian newsrooms, paints the kangaroo out to be a cold-blooded irritation. That's right, they don't go so far as to put intention and motive into the animal's head, but this animal has certainly robbed the Australian nation of a fine upstanding citizen.

No mention is given or blame apportioned to the other motorist, who hit a four foot tall kangaroo with such force, that it went flying right through the body of another car. Have you ever seen a kangaroo? These are massive creatures, built like brick sh*thouses. Sending one flying through the windscreen of a 4x4 and beyond could not have been an easy feat. Unless you hit it at 160km/h.

Perhaps it is time we learnt to respect our environment; time we stopped speeding and killing three-year-old children and statuesque kangas alike; time we realise that no matter how we try to control our environment, none of it matters until we learn to control ourselves.

Rest in peace Kanga, may your next incarnation involve a world without oil.