Link: Why you should oppose the genocide in Darfur before 10:00a.m. Mountain Time on March 17th []

darfurlogoThis is exciting news and YOU can take action today if you live in the US.

Today, members of the House of Representatives will have the opportunity to sign letters to three allies of Sudan asking for them to take action on the situation in Darfur. Congressmen Capuano and McCaul have authored the letters and they will be addressed to the Chinese President Hu Jintao, Arab League Secretary-General Amre Moussa and African Union Chairman Muammar Qadhafi.

If you would like to participate, instructions for those living in the US:

"A national hotline: 1-800-GENOCIDE, has been assembled to make it easy to contact elected officials in D.C. on this issue. Please contact your representative before 12:00p.m. Eastern Standard Time and 10:00a.m. Mountain Time on March 17th and ask your representative to sign the letters. The letters urge these leaders to send the clear message - that expelling humanitarian aid agencies from Sudan and putting Darfuri lives at even greater risk - is unacceptable.

You will need to wait through the option to connect to Secretary of State, Clinton. After that, press 1 to connect to your Representative. The 800 number has a prompt for entering your zip code and will connect you to the appropriate representative" -

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